As part of our services and with care of every delivery, C.Hartwig Gdynia S.A. offers its clients insurance of property in transit (CARGO insurance) with affordable rates and on competitive terms.

The subject-matter insured are the loads carried by land, sea and air, both domestically and internationally.

CARGO insurance is the most comprehensive solution for securing your load in transit. The clients who chose the insurance get special benefits, such as:

  • wide scope of coverage – the insurance offered by C.Hartwig Gdynia applies Institute Cargo Clauses A (all risks), which ensures the broadest possible coverage.
  • coverage of “both to blame” collisions and rescue.
  • certainty that the damages will be paid: for the damages to be paid, it’s enough to prove the damage. Determining the party at fault isn’t necessary.
  • damages up to the full value of the loss.
  • short term of granting damages.

In addition, the insurance covers political risks as per Institute War Clauses 1/1/09 and Institute Strike Clauses 1/1/09. The extension does not include loads transited through countries with elevated political risks.

CARGO insurance guarantees the most comprehensive and appropriate insurance protection of the transported loads.