Comprehensive customs service is a natural complement to the services that C. Hartwig Gdynia S.A. provides. We provide specialised customs handling of sea, overland (road and rail) and air freight as well as non-transport related customs services. With an appropriate amount of securities for customs duties and taxes, we provide a simplified and faster form of the release of goods to the recipient. We possess AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification.

We provide:
  • licensed customs services throughout the country,
  • customs clearance of goods outside the European Union,
  • ECS export control system,
  • extensive technical facilities,
  • advice of professional staff,
  • streamlined procedures related to the introduction of goods into the customs territory of the European Union,
  • customs clearance of goods in electronic systems,
  • services related to completing INTRASTAT declarations, 
  • warehouses in the direct vicinity of a port. 

Our extensive technical facilities are a guarantee of efficient service in the transmission of customs goods, including in particular the placing of goods under the customs procedure. Throughout the country we have:

  • magazines for Community goods, 
  • temporary storage warehouses,
  • customs warehouses.

Customs clearance of goods outside the European Union.
With fiscal representations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, we offer convenient procedures for imports from countries that are not members of the EU. Customers can perform customs formalities in Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

ECS export control system
ECS is a system for handling customs declarations for export goods. It is based on electronic messages in which the applicant is informed about the status of goods from the moment of their declaration to the customs office until the time of removal from the customs territory of the EU.

AEO certificate
The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate is a guarantee of the high quality of services rendered by the company. It is awarded by the Ministry of Finance to enterprises that meet the conditions of the Community Customs Code.