We offer a full range of customised solutions to meet the needs of exhibitors. We have practical experience in fair and exhibition logistics involving various goods, including excise goods, advertising materials, structural elements, dual-use goods as well as heavy and oversized machinery and equipment. We offer our customers solid technical and logistical security. Thanks to our Internal Control System (WSK) certificate, we can also provide services for exhibits of a military nature.

We offer:
  • handling of a wide range of exhibits, regardless of size,
  • close cooperation with key organisers of trade fairs and exhibitions,
  • individual solutions for customers,
  • responsibility for transport at each stage of delivery (including assembly and disassembly of an exhibition stand),
  • full services on the fairgrounds

We ensure:
  • organising the transportation of exhibits,
  • organisation of unloading/loading and supply/collection of exhibits on/off a stand.
  • customs service in Poland and abroad,
  • full information about the conditions of forwarding and the customs regulations of the exporting country and the importing country of exhibition exhibits.

Additional benefits:
  • insurance at the request of the exhibitor,
  • palletising and packaging of exhibits,
  • znakowanie eksponatów,
  • marking of exhibits,
  • unpacking at the exhibitions, fair, congress site,
  • collection, storage and delivery of empty containers,
  • transport of theatrical scenery and costumes,
  • handling of resettlement property,
  • unloading, assembly and placement in accordance with instructions of machines in production halls

		Fair and exhibition logistics

Regarding exhibitions, we are the general freight forwarder for the following fairs:
  • Kielce Trade Fairs
  • Gdansk International Fair
  • Poznan International Fair
  • Expo Silesia - Sosnowiec 
  • Lublin Trade Fairs

We also offer shipping service to fairs in Warsaw. 
In terms of export exhibitions, we focus on countries of the Middle and Far East, North and South America, Europe.

We cooperate also with foreign forwarders such as: Rogers, Kuehne + Nagel Gmbh., Schenker, WEL (World Exhibition Logistics), European International (Fairs) Ltd., Agility Fairs & Events, BTG Gmbh.

		Fair and exhibition logistics