Logistic services

A key link in the supply chain is warehouse infrastructure, made up of warehouses, modern internal transport and a warehouse management system.

We guarantee:

  • comprehensive supply chain management
  • a wide range of additional services

Additional services:

  • palletising/unpalletising
  • consolidation/deconsolidation
  • packaging
  • foil wrapping
  • binding
  • repackaging
  • advanced warehouse management system and electronic identification of goods
  • modern internal transport equipment
  • goods distribution complementing warehouse logistics services

Security package

C.Hartwig ensures the security of goods entrusted to it by offering all its customers the unique Security Package.

We guarantee:

  • cargo insurance under particularly favourable conditions – the payment of compensation without unnecessary formalities
  • an IT system that monitors shipping
  • monitoring of vehicles that carry out orders
  • high quality services, certified by ISO 9001
  • stable IBM platform
  • WSK (internal control system) – a system enabling the handling of strategic goods