Sea freightIn sea freight, we are the leader in the Polish market. We are competitive in terms of both price and quality of service. Our services are distinguished by their flexibility in relation to non-standard expectations of customers. We specialise in the import of goods from the Far East, in particular we offer a comprehensive service for imports from China.

We provide:

  • a full range of services,
  • handling of all types of cargo,
  • timely deliveries,
  • transport from almost all the ports of the world,

We offer:

  • container transport, bulk commodity transport, general and oversized cargo, 
  • transport to all corners of the world through ports in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom,
  • a professional team dedicated to handling sea freight shipments,
  • access to innovative solutions,
  • our own port and customs service, providing direct freight supervision of shipments and coordination of activities,
  • transport consultancy
  • a network of agents and subsidiaries throughout the world,
  • the ability to organise integrated transport in foreign markets and oversee the logistics chain.
  • additional services including logistics services in our own warehouses,
  • preparation of cargo for sea shipping.

Sea freightWe pay special attention to the safety of cargo entrusted to us. We offer our partners cargo insurance on very favourable terms and competitive prices.

We are the Polish freight forwarder that performs NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) services between Poland and the United States. Under the license granted by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), we offer direct house-house transport between Poland and the US based on our own bill of lading (C. Hartwig Transport service). We take full responsibility for cargo entrusted to us. The harmonious performance of orders in the US is guaranteed by Amerpol International Inc. New York – a licensed freight forwarder and customs broker.